Chuck Nilosek Reveals Plans To Turn HERE Boston Into Hyperlocal Media Powerhouse

chuck nilosek bostonAll news is local. So goes the saying, but that’s only the case until the local “legacy” news outlets stop devoting resources to covering the community at the grassroots level. At that point, there is no true local news and the issues that neighbors want to know about are never heard. In the mind of Chuck Nilosek, this is an absolute travesty and one he’s actively planning a response to in the form of HERE Boston. Think of it as a Netflix for Boston as well as the New England region at large and one that’s going to fill the void in local content. With an impressive media career already under his belt, Chuck Nilosek and the HERE Boston crew plans to shine the well-deserved spotlight on Massachusetts and beyond. If you’re looking for all the latest on this unfolding effort as well as ways to reach “cord-cutters” who’ve decided to forego typical television, then you’ve come to the right place – and we’re glad you’re here.

Chuck Nilosek’s radio career spans extensive podcast programs that have seen him and co-hosts cover the issues that matter to New England residents. These media efforts include “Life is Great New England,” which has seen a decade’s worth of production and has covered everything from air show ride-alongs, local eatery visits in Plymouth and even a holiday performance with The Boston Pops as host Chuck Nilosek recited “The Night Before Christmas” on stage. Such coverage is a testament to Chuck Nilosek’s radio skills as well as his ability to keep his finger on the pulse of the local community.

HERE Boston will take an over-the-top (OTT) approach to online distribution. This means that production studios are able to bypass typical television broadcasters and use the Netflix-type approach of online content dissemination. This will allow Boston’s Chuck Nilosek to advertise the outlet as a product itself and given that tens of millions viewers are within reach, the audience is ready and waiting. Going over the top may sound lofty, so to speak, but Chuck Nilosek’s radio career taught him that Bostonians want to be heard and want their neighbors to hear them. In fact, Chuck Nilosek recent attended the National Association of Broadcasting Conference that was held in Las Vegas as to stay on top of the industry.

According to Church Nilosek, Boston’s appetite for local content is already here. He says that social media followers for HERE Boston have already surpassed the 16,000-mark and the effort’s Facebook page racks up roughly 1 million views every two months. When you drill right down to it, Chuck Nilosek says that New England is home to residents known for their loyalty and passion. The best way to reach these individuals and tell their stories will be through HERE Boston and those who are coming along for the ride are bound to see results on the near horizon.